• Leadership
  • Multitasking
  • Organizing and Planning
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Social Media
  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Computer Hardware Configuration and Assembly
  • Basic Computer Network Management
  • Website Management and Design


Juris Doctor
The George Washington University Law School, Washington, D.C.

May 2016

Relevant Coursework:

  • Computer Crime
  • Forensic Science
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Military Justice
  • Criminal Tax Litigation

Law School Paper – “Cloud and Smartphone Forensic Challenges”
Conducted scholarly, technical, and legal research into forensic science and digital forensic evidence as they relate to the increasing prevalence of smartphones and cloud computing.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey: Newark School of Criminal Justice
Overall GPA: 3.850/4.000 | Summa Cum Laude Honors
Member: Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society

May 2013

Relevant Coursework:

  • Cyber Crime
  • White Collar Crime
  • Criminology
  • Crime Analysis
  • Victimization
  • Contemporary Policing

Presentation – “Online Child Predation (ICE Operation Predator/ICACTF)”
Served as team leader on a group project that involved presenting trends in online child predation and the federal law enforcement efforts to deter, catch, and prosecute predators.

Academic Paper – “Cyber Crime Victimization: The Effects of Internet Fraud on Victims”
Discussed Internet fraud and cyber crime as new and largely unstudied forms of victimization, assessed the wide span of victim risk factors and the need for further policy.

Academic Paper – “Internet Fraud: a White Collar Crime Analysis”
Discussed the intersection of fraud, cybercrime, and white collar crime in a joint analysis, created a new definition of Internet-based fraud as a white collar crime.

High School Diploma
Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, Scotch Plains, NJ

June 2008


  • Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers (CPR) – 2016
  • AHA Heartsaver First Aid – 2016
  • Morris County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Law Enforcement Career Development Training – 2011
  • New Jersey State Police – Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Awareness Level 1 – 2008
  • FEMA IS-700 National Incident Management System (NIMS), an Introduction – 2007
  • FEMA IS-800 A National Response Plan (NRP), an Introduction – 2007
  • FEMA IS-100 Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS 100) – 2007
  • FEMA IS-200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents – 2007



Eagle Scout
Boy Scouts of America Troop 104
Scotch Plains, NJ

Service Project 01/2008 – 03/2008
Without Compensation
Hours per week: 10+

  • Identified a problem with the current rusted flagpole at the Fanwood Rescue Squad headquarters, where the United States flag is commonly flown for events, memorials, and parades.
  • Proposed, as a solution, that a team of Boy Scouts, under my leadership, replace the flagpole and construct a ceremonial flag plaza.
  • Identified resources necessary to accomplish the project, which consisted of gathering budgetary information, performed analysis of the demolition/construction site, and wrote a comprehensive 20-page proposal to effectively communicate leadership service project plan and steps of execution. Submitted proposal for approval by leaders within and outside of the Boy Scout organization, including the project beneficiaries and donors of supplies.
  • Took responsibility for my actions and those of team members to ensure the team goals and deadlines were met. This involved managing 163 man-hours of volunteers and Boy Scouts for clearing the worksite, dismantling the flagpole and removing the concrete base, cementing a new base and installing the new pole, leveling off the surrounding area and the paving of a new ceremonial walkway area.
  • Fostered teamwork, collaboration, a spirit of community service, and patriotism.
  • Led trainings and meetings with Boy Scouts and volunteers on the methods required to complete the project, including complex material on flagpole installation. Adapted to changes in requirements and stakeholder concerns with alternative solutions while training and guiding crew in managing the changes:
  • Redesigned project due to unforeseen pipe blockage, in accordance with applicable federal and state safety regulations, regarding protection of underground facilities.
  • Responded effectively to questions from a Board of Review panel of Troop and District/Regional Committee Members and officers regarding the effective execution and leadership of the project.

Board Member and Rehearsal Co-Director
DC Casineros Dance Company (§501(c)(3))
Washington, D.C.

10/2013 – Present
Without Compensation
Hours per week: 10+

  • Represent the organization by giving educational presentations on Cuban culture and art for a variety of audiences. Respond effectively to questions from audience members and students using interpersonal ability.
  • Identify problem areas in organizational structure and logistics and proposed and implemented solutions, including the establishment of committees that streamline planning, logistics, leadership, fundraising, collaboration, and quality control.
  • Create structured rehearsal plans, assessing the needs and competencies of team members and planning practice time.
  • Writing technical and logistical reports to Director and Committee members to assist with managing live events.
  • Evaluate performance standards from the training management program to ensure dancer skill level and knowledge is developed and progresses at optimal levels. Adapt the management plan for the training program to changing individual and programmatic needs.
  • Encourage regular attendance and focus by all Company Members while maintaining order and discipline at rehearsals.
  • Communicate effectively with the Director, making decisions to prioritize practice objectives, in accordance with the long-term goals as established by the Dance Company Committee.
  • Project manager for the DC Casineros-All Stars Collaboration Part 3, a week long, 8-day tour in Washington, D.C. Led, planned, and executed major stages of the project, including:

    • Represented organization in meetings with external institutions, and local governmental agencies to negotiate contractual agreements, in preparation for concert at a theater seating over 1,000 people.
    • Reviewed contractual and regulatory documents and communicated to the directors and committee members in layman’s terms.
    • Evaluated insurance coverage for show production in compliance with local government regulations.
    • Wrote technical training manuals for production crew of six.


    • Created excel financial model to aid in determining ticket sale prices, and test varying scenarios.
    • Completed cost analysis to determine the break-even point and profit margin for concert, establishing concrete performance standards.
    • Tracked and managed $8,000 in programmatic and project expenses, in addition to contractual and insurance fees.


    • Assisted in developing promotional advertising material.
    • Procured and posted advertising on social media websites, to expand the concert promotion, reaching 11,000 viewers.
    • Established and managed account for online sales distribution site, which was also utilized as an indicator in performance measurement.
    • Wrote diversity offices at local universities, notifying administrators of the theatrical production for dissemination to students.


    • Took initiative and developed post-production performance report, evaluating the success of the concert production and week-long events.
    • Related effectively with other cultures by participating in multilingual, interpersonal discussions (English and Spanish) to plan the sequence of technical lighting, and prioritize and consolidate details into a single English document.
    • Researched article on theatrical lighting written in Spanish, to better understand and communicate effectively with the Spanish-speaking artistic director, and attended to the details required to meet the theatrical lighting requirements.



EMS First Responder
Fanwood Rescue Squad
Fanwood, NJ

04/2007 – 09/2010
Without Compensation
Hours per week: 10

  • Responded effectively to 9-1-1 emergencies and other potentially life-threatening situations providing emergency medical care, triage, and transport of patients to the hospital. Triage decision-making required the ability to assess multiple crises, adapt to changing priorities, and take quick action in accordance with standard operating procedures, by-laws, and exposure control plans.
  • Provided basic emergency interpretation for Spanish- speaking patients.
  • Established a community service relationship between the Rescue Squad and local Boy Scout troops, providing visit opportunities, teaching first aid, and discussing membership requirements.

Student Intern
Cornell University Police Department
Ithaca, NY

10/2010 – 03/2011
Without Compensation
Hours per week: 13

  • Patrolled alongside with officers during regular shifts including during traffic stops, searches, interviews, and arrests.
  • Observed emergency 9-1-1 and radio dispatch operations.
  • Wrote weekly non-technical documents communicating duty activities to superiors.
  • Attended firearms trainings, other training sessions, and briefings.
  • Observed planning for and execution of special event and dignitary protection details.


Assistant Manager
Audio International, Inc.
Scotch Plains, NJ

04/2011 – Present
Salary: $14 USD per Hour
Hours per week: 10

  • Audited and surveyed 20 years of available financial transaction records to identify the problem areas of delinquent customer accounts. Summarized findings and submitted proposed collection strategies to the president.
  • Took initiative in leading a project to digitize payroll records into a cloud-based Internet accounting system, reducing costs by 40%. This action required effective change management, communicating change to staff, fostering preparedness during the transition.
  • Proposed and implemented new Apple-based computing system solution with regular data backup, improving efficiency in accounting and business record keeping.
  • Conduct monthly bank reconciliations using QuickBooks Online system. Complete associated administrative tasks, including generating the report, certifying the bank statement as reconciled, and filing the documentation.
  • Identified problems with existing computer network, including slow transfer speeds. Designed, initiated, and installed upgraded computer network hardware and infrastructure including Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n wireless access solutions, and upgraded secure router hardware, improving computer local area network infrastructure and security.
  • Led educational meetings regularly with superiors to explain the latest phishing, e-commerce fraud attempts, and other complex computer security material while responding effectively to questions from audience, ushering staff into current/future technology.
  • Took responsibility for myself and team members in providing experienced rapid technical troubleshooting of issues during live events and productions.




English – Native Fluency
Spanish – Advanced Proficiency


My undergraduate studies in criminal justice, as well as a lifelong interest in computers and technology, have fostered an interest in cyber crime, especially internet fraud and other online manifestations of white collar crime. My intent is to pursue these criminal areas in the future as a federal law enforcement officer; in furtherance of these goals and interests, I have chosen The George Washington University Law School as the next step in my path.

Awards and Achievements

  • Eagle Scout – Boy Scouts of America, Troop 104 (2008)
  • GW Law Cyberlaw Students Association, Vice President (2014)
  • Morris County Prosecutor’s Law Enforcement Career Development Training (2011)
  • Cornell University Distinguished Leadership Award Nominee (2011)
  • National Achievement Scholarship Finalist (2008)
  • National Merit Scholarship Commended Student (2008)

For more information, please refer to my LinkedIn profile, or contact me.